Reading Draft Pumpkin Spice
$12.00 $18.20

Dates good until Aug 2023!

Reading Soda Works sodas are caffeine and gluten free. A tasty beverage for any occasion.

Good in. Good out. In addition to using pure cane sugar and natural ingredients, our sodas are triple filtered and undergo a slow carbonation process before bottling. Unlike many large soda manufacturers that flash carbonate, Reading Draft sodas contain pinpoint carbonation that is absorbed slowly and persists longer, leading way to smaller bubbles that give a smoother mouth feel and more pleasant taste.

Reading Draft is one of the few sodas on the market that employs this carbonation technique. The flavors in our sodas really get to shine and aren’t buried underneath excessive carbonation. When you sip our products, you can comfortably gloat without the bloat!

12-12oz glass bottles