Monin 750ml Mai Tai Cocktail Mixer
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This premium, ready-to-use drink mix combines all the quality ingredients needed to prepare a one-of-a-kind cocktail, quickly and easily. Tiki creations are known for their elaborate ingredients and exotic flavors, and the Mai Tai is no exception. The popular rum-based punch is traditionally made with a delicious, multidimensional blend of fresh lime, orange, and orgeat. Bottling that perfectly balanced combination means that you can simply mix in your choice of rum and enjoy!

Just Add Rum

Made with natural flavors and real fruit juices, Monin HomeCrafted Mai Tai Cocktail Mixer can be used to mix up an authentic Mai Tai in seconds. Simply fill a 16-oz. glass with ice, add 5 oz. HomeCrafted Mai Tai Mix and 1 ½ oz. rum, and stir gently or transfer from the serving glass to another to properly mix. Garnish your finished drink with a pineapple slice and a cherry (if preferred) and enjoy!