Monin 750ml Dragon Fruit Cosmo Cocktail Mixer
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Are you ready for a bold and flavorful twist on the popular Cosmopolitan? The secret is in the recipe, which combines exotic dragon fruit flavor with fresh citrus and balanced sweetness for a premium, ready-to-use drink mix unlike any other. Dragon fruit pairs perfectly with the traditionally sweet & sour profile of a classic Cosmo, adding lush, tropical notes of flavor and a vibrant color to match.

Just Add Vodka

Made with natural flavors and real fruit juices, Monin Home Crafted Dragon Fruit Cosmo Cocktail Mixer can be used to mix up a unique and sophisticated cocktail in seconds. Simply shake 2 ½ oz. Home Crafted Dragon Fruit Cosmo Cocktail Mixer with 1 ½ oz. vodka and ice before straining into a chilled 8-oz. martini glass. Garnish your finished drink with a lime wheel and enjoy!