DaVinci Sweetened Lime Cocktail Mixer
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One Bag:     $6.29
1 Case:        $5.86 ($70.32)

Make a multitude of classic cocktails and mocktails the easy way without sacrificing flavor when you reach for this lime mix from DaVinci Gourmet. Keep our versatile Sweetened Lime Mixer on hand to create delicious mocktails and cocktails for made-from-scratch taste without squeezing limes. From Cuba Libres to Moscow Mules and beyond, our sweet-tart lime drink mix delivers fresh taste that’s easy to use and store. It’s specially formulated with fast-dissolving crystals and high-quality ingredients that mixologists and bartenders trust for consistently delicious beverages. Real sugar and lime juice impart citrus flavor without the hassle of frozen juice or fresh limes.

Each case contains 12- 23 oz. bags