DaVinci Gourmet - Blended Ice Coffee - 3lb Bulk Bag: Mocha
Rich dark chocolate flavor complements subtle coffee flavor in our Mocha Frappe Mix. Mocha fans who prefer their chocolate with a little coffee will love the subtle taste of our classic Mocha Frappe mix. We source the highest-quality ingredients and carefully blend them for incredible flavor and an unforgettable taste experience. Our decadent mocha frappe mix combines a heavenly dose of dark Dutched cocoa with a lighter touch of premium coffee for a caffeinated drink focused on chocolaty taste. For bigger coffee flavor with subtler chocolate, try our Big Bean Mocha Mix. Create signature drinks with a drizzle of one of our DaVinci Gourmet flavored syrups, or top with whipped cream for an indulgent finish. Mocha Frappe Mix is made with sunflower oil, so it's free of trans fats and hydrogenated or tropical oils.